Monday, June 28, 2010

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden.... that's what we'll do!

Our first Family Home Evening in our new house was all about how important it is to plant a garden, and how excited we are to finally have the opportunity, now that we have our own house and yard!

We started out small, with just 4 small plots; one for herbs (basil, sage, rosemary and chives), one for a raspberry patch, one for assorted vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, beans, spinach, carrots and cucumbers), and one for melons and squash. The children are most excited for the watermelon and pumpkins. Personally, I'm already loving the fresh herbs, of course.

We started with a quick lesson of the importance of gardening, then "dug right in" to the planting (literally). And the evening wouldn't have been complete without DIRT CAKE, of course. (Our kids are so trusting! They have never had dirt cake before but we told them it was fine to eat it, and, though they had puzzled looks on their faces, they didn't hesitate in taking a bite.)

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