Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flashback - Temple Square

Since my camera battery is "lost" (still packed), I'm going to flashback to our final days with family and friends before our move to New England.

First stop on Memory Lane: Temple Square

After returning from Oregon, we intended to go to church at our "old" Ward - Arlington Hills - one last time, in order to give our final farewell to the many dear friends we made there (in addition to worshipping, of course!) We even stayed up late Saturday night writing cards and getting 'farewell' gifts together. As luck would have it, that week happened to be Stake Conference (which we didn't realize, having been in Oregon for several weeks previous.) So, we briefly visited with some of our friends before heading down to the Assembly Hall at Temple Square. Initially I was disappointed at missing a proper goodbye with so many dear friends, but in the end I was grateful for the precious opportunity to enjoy Temple Square with my beautiful family! Stake Conference was, of course, rich and fulfilling on its own. Afterward we were able to visit the Visitor's Center, Tabernacle, Reflection Pond, and fountain. Obviously the high noon day sun was less than ideal for photography, but it did make for a warm and lovely day!

We have truly been blessed, living so close to SO many temples, and especially the amazing Temple Square! We will miss it dearly!


Natalie said...

Sigh, we miss it too. Being able to walk to the temple is pretty awesome. We've had a really hard time getting there since we've lived here. What's your temple now?

Sarah said...

We're in the Boston temple district now (in fact we're going this weekend!) - what temple do you guys go to?

Natalie said...

We're in the DC temple district, although Manhattan is a little closer. We've been to both.