Friday, June 18, 2010


Finally, the Mr's LONG-anticipated graduation from Medical School! (Unfortunately my camera wasn't having the best day ever and many of my pictures of the actual ceremony did not turn out.) But, the children did an amazing job sitting through much of the ceremony, and thankfully Uncle Daniel came to the rescue when they were no longer willing to sit still, so that I could sit and listen (and cry ). Tears of gratitude that we've made it this far, tears of pride (the good kind) at all that my sweet husband has sacrificed and done to earn his degree, and even a few tears of sadness that we are leaving this wonderful phase of our lives.

Despite being financially "poor", these past four years as a medical student family have truly been some of the best days of my life! We started out with an 19 month old Angel, 1 week old Grins, managing the Ronald McDonald House apartments. The Mr. was First Counselor in the Bishopric, I was First Counselor in the Relief Society, and while the Mr. put the kids to bed and maintained the apartments, I worked 3 nights a week as a PA at WorkCare. Second year found me nannying full-time, expecting Wiggles, and looking for a larger place to call home. After moving into University of Utah Student Housing (on the first week of 3rd year rotations!) for just a couple of months, we moved to a MUCH larger home to house-sit for a year (just in time for Wiggles' birth - phew!) One final move back to University Student Apartments during Fourth Year brought us so many wonderful friends and fellow student families with whom life-long friendships and memories were made. We have searched under couch cushions and behind bookshelves for spare change to rent a movie. We have stood in line for hours for free tickets to Disney on Ice. We have sold our plasma to get money for ice cream. And we have loved (almost) every minute of it.

So, to you medical student families out there: enjoy these precious moments. I wish I had spent less time worrying about how I'd pay the rent and more time enjoying student life. It has been a good four years.

To the Mr: I'm so proud of you. You have served an honorable four years. I know you may not get the glory of all your classmates who have 'offered medical relief work in other countries' or 'pioneered new student associations' - but, to me, you have done far more. Not only have you studied, performed well on exams, served as AMA President, completed medical school and been accepted into residency, but you have done so while putting the Lord and your family first. Not a day has gone by where I didn't know that our family was your first priority. I know you sacrificed many extra-curricular activities and other opportunities, and even your 'most exciting' profession choice, to leave time for our children and me. And that means more than any award or public accolade.

To our family: thank you for your endless support these past four years (and even now!) It has been noticed and appreciated more than we can ever say. I truly don't know where we would be without you.

To the Lord: thank you for the many, MANY blessings which You have so abundantly poured out upon us; we have not room enough to receive them. We owe everything to You!


Krista said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful tribute to your hubby. He deserves it! That is a great accomplishment for him. Hope you are enjoying the east coast, and are getting used to the humidity (yuck!)

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Timani said...

Oh many many many Congratulations! It is definitely a life altering/mind blowing/incredible example experience to accomplish all that while having a family. You've proven it can be done. You are certainly fabulous for supporting and helping!

Hopefully some day we won't have financial struggles! But for now, it just builds character. ;)