Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flashback - A.C. Gilbert Children's Museum

If you live in SLC, Utah and you visit Oregon frequently, you should definitely invest in a Discovery Gateway Museum Pass! My Mom got us one for Christmas last year and we LOVED using it at the Discovery Gateway Museum in SLC! When we got to Oregon, we were THRILLED to learn that our pass also got us in to OMSI and A.C. Gilbert Children's Museum for FREE! We couldn't believe it! Needless to say, we had LOTS of (FREE!) fun in Oregon!

If you've never been to the A.C. Gilbert Museum, you are missing out! They have an entire room devoted to making can build a bubble around yourself (as shown below), make a bubble connecting you and another person, build a tunnel bubble over your head....and more!

One of my favorite rooms was the "BODY" room - you enter through the mouth! You get to experience how different parts of the body work - joints, ears, stomach, etc! Very fun way to learn!

Tea in Asia is always fun!
And three aspiring actors (dressed as toucans) put on a lovely show....with the assistance of their crazy uncle, of course!
For some reason, sitting on the GIANT chair terrified Wiggles - though she is usually clamoring out of reach to the highest height she can find...

Of course, after a long day of fun, the kids were WORN OUT! At least we were channeling their energy into productive activities!! :)


NinaClaunch said...

Ahhh I miss you guys soo much!! That museum with the bubble room sounds way cool! We got our whole family a year membership to the Discovery Gateway Museum and we've been using it quite frequently. But it doesn't have a bubble room. Boo.

Heidi and Matt said...

UUUMMMMM......I live 5 minutes from there.....I can't believe we didn't get together!!! :(

Good luck with your adventures in Maine! I guess it will be ahwile till I'll see ya, but I'm glad you're posting on here!