Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flashback - Mother's Day 2 - The Pani Popo Thief

Our Mother's Day dinner featured "Pani Popo" - a Samoan treat that has become a family favorite. While dishing up a plate for him, Grins surprised me by saying "No, thanks" to a pani popo - something I've never before known him to turn down! I wondered if he was feeling ok but he ate everything else on his plate so I assumed he just wasn't in the mood for the sweet gooey deliciousness and didn't give it another thought.

Until later. I noticed there were only 5 pani popo left (down from 2 pans!) and decided I'd better act quickly if I wanted another one. So I went to get my plate, got momentarily sidetracked, and when I took my plate over to the serving table, was shocked at what I saw. NO PANI POPO LEFT!! In their place: 10 gooey little fingers (almost as delicious....)

Apparently, he saw everyone else enjoying them and could resist no longer!!! Honestly, even if he didn't have coconut milk all over him, I could just eat him up!

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