Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flashback - OMSI

OMSI is seriously one of my FAVORITE places on earth! (And they aren't even paying me to say that!) If you ever go to Oregon, CHECK IT OUT!!! It has MORE than you could ever see in one day - and the kids section alone is enough to entertain all 3 of my children for an entire day!

We thoroughly enjoyed the insect and reptile lab, making crafts, playing in the sand, the huge 'miracle of life' display which shows the progression of an embryo to fetus to birth, the dementia/alzheimers display, the dinosaur section....and then we parked ourselves in the 'kidzone' for the rest of the trip! (Next time we'll go downtstairs or across the hall...)

Wiggles could not figure out how this ball was "floating"! She would put the ball on the tube, watch (mouth gaping open) as it "floated", then try to grab it quickly, as if to 'trick' it into giving up it's secret. For the life of her, she could not figure it out! It was hilarious to watch her stew over it - it's the longest I've ever seen her stand in one place (honestly!), she went back several times, and she spent longer at that one exhibit than any other place in the museum!
All the kids enjoyed the water table! It's amazing how long it holds their attention - I would get SO much done if I had one of these at my house!

I watched the cutest little chipmunks gathering acorns for the winter! :)

And, of course, this little gal drove off with my heart! How did I come to be so lucky, to be the mother of such beautiful children?

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