Friday, June 11, 2010

Likening the Scriptures

A few days ago in our daily family scripture study we read the story of Alma the Younger's rebellion, encounter with an angel, and repentance and conversion. I often wonder if our scripture reading is even worth it because, despite our many efforts, the kids seem to be uninterested and focused on other things. (They generally do an OK job sitting, listening and reading, but sometimes they lose interest or fights ensue.)

Yesterday we did a lot of moving of furniture and, as a result, my arms were so tired I could barely lift them and found using my hands very difficult. I mentioned it to the Mr. and a few minutes later Grins said "Mommy, you're like Alma." Confused, I asked "How so?" "Because you can't use your hands!" he explained. I recalled our earlier reading of the story where it states "..and (Alma) became weak, even that he could not move his hands..." (Mosiah 27:19). I started laughing but it was such a precious moment where I realized that, even while pulling his sister's hair or trying to stand on his head, my son is, in fact, listening to the scriptures - and even "likening" them to our life and family. I guess we'll our daily devotionals aren't completely fruitless after all. :)


Krista said...

Hey! Glad to see you have come back to blog-ville- I missed hearing updates on your family! Hope Maine is treating you well and that you are getting settled in well. By the way, your new family portraits are DARLING! I love them. What a cute family. And your kids are getting so big, can't believe it.

Nichole said...

I miss you guys. I am glad you are posting again. Yeah!!