Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family moments

Stargazing on the trampoline was SO much fun!  We watched as the light faded into dusk and then dark, and then saw a skunk make his way across our yard.  We had originally planned to sleep outside, but the gnats and mosquitoes eventually drove us inside - but not before we'd found several constellations of stars and enjoyed some good conversation!

I find Wiggles reading to herself or a doll or stuffed animal several times a day.  She loves her little rocking chair - it is adorable!

Grins is such a kind and patient brother - one day he patiently lay on the couch while Wiggles brought out doll after stuffed animal after doll.  It kept them both occupied while I made dinner! :)

Dancing with Daddy never gets old!  The other day, the Mr. and I were both dancing with our girls, and we suddenly locked eyes and both had tears streaming down our cheeks, as we cherished the tender moment and realized how quickly our sweet children are growing.  We truly enjoy every moment with them!

Pineland farm

I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany Grins' kindergarten class on a trip to Pineland Farm.  We had SO much fun touring the farm - and the highlight was certainly milking the cow!

Of course, petting the calves was a close second!

We started feeding the cows, but they were more interested in nibbling on my hoodie!

It was so much fun being able to spend some time with Grins and his friends!

Nathan and Justin

June also brought a visit from uncles Nathan and Justin!  What fun!  We didn't have a lot of time with them, but Wiggles immediately latched onto both of them and they were so loving and tender with her.  It was adorable!  We took a quick lighthouse tour with them one night (apparently my flash wasn't working....)

It was so much fun seeing them and getting to spend some time with them!  We love you guys! :)

Fort Williams

Though we've been there dozens of times, I don't think we'll ever tire of Fort Williams park!  

This picture makes me laugh - notice Wiggles' face is the background! :)

This is hilarious - watch as Wiggles enters the tunnel....

She makes her way through...

...but suddenly has to use the restroom!!

Whew! Wiggles needs to relax after that long day!


In June, we had a most wonderful visit from Oma, Opa, and uncles Mark and Adam.  It was spectacular!

We did a lot of sight-seeing, and spent a lot of good, quality time together.

I don't know what Wiggles was doing here, but it was hilarious!

Of course, the kids loved Opa's ipad!

More fun with Hannah

Hannah did such fun things with the children while she was here!  One day, they decided to be pirates!  They read lots of books about pirates, made a pirate ship, dressed up as pirates, and even had a pirate meal!  Hannah is so creative and so much fun!