Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorization before Dictation

One of Wiggles' first words was "Men" (meaning "amen"). At about 8 months of age, she would fold her arms whenever we said "Let's pray" and, shortly thereafter, she would state "men" when the prayer was finished (or slightly before, if she was particularly hungry).

At our morning family devotional each day, we recite this little poem:

"Read the Book of Mormon, read it every day;

Before you start to study, don't forget to pray!"

One day (before she turned 1....yes, I'm behind in my posts!), as we began reciting it together, we said "Read the Book of Mormon, read it every..." and Wiggles suddenly surprised us by shouting out "DAY!" We all laughed and, thinking it was a coincidence, continued with the poem. "Before you start to study, don't forget..." "PAY!" Wiggles shouted before we even said "to", and had folded her little arms before we realized what was happening. Our sweet little baby, who has yet to put two words together, has apparently already memorized our little ditty. Hmmmm, maybe we should start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? :)

(By the way, Wiggles is now speaking much better....I wrote this post a few months ago but didn't have access to my pictures until now. And most of the time I refuse to post without a picture because, IMO, the picture makes the post. Especially when it's one of my adorable children. :) )

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