Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Big Cross-country Trek

About 2 hours after graduation, we finished the final loading of the truck and the Mr, Opa and Uncle Mark hit the road. The children had fun with the truck, but when it came time to say "goodbye" they were distraught to see Daddy leaving. When I assured them we would see him in a few days, they finally released their grip on him, but you would have thought he was leaving for a year, it was such a tearful farewell!

Then it was time to go - the Mr. in the Penske, Opa in the van and Mark in the Saturn. (Once they hit the main road they hooked the Saturn up and towed it on the Penske.) Even with a stop in Nebraska for church and another in Indiana to visit Elder Buchanan, they still made the 2500 mile trip in 3 days (while still obeying traffic laws, of course)! A very impressive feat to be sure! They all deserve medals for their endurance.

They made it to New Hampshire Tuesday evening, in plenty of time to pick the children and I up from the airport there. We stayed the night in Manchester, then made the final drive to Maine together...but that's a story for another day.

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