Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grins turns 7

In August (let's pretend I'm not so far behind in my posts, OK?) Grins celebrated 7 years on earth!  He is my all time favorite little guy on the planet - I love this little man!!!

We started with the traditional favorite cereal for breakfast!  (Lucky Charms were my favorite as a child, too!)

For dinner, he requested Pancakes with nutella.  So we had some friends over for a fun pancake dinner (complete with all sorts of toppings - and some fruits and veggies on the side!)

Someone's excited!

Summer was SO crazy busy that we couldn't find a day to have a birthday party - so we finally just invited a couple of friends over for cupcakes and a football game.  (Luckily the Mr. was around to help with the football game, since I don't know the first thing about football!)

7 years has FLOWN by since this guy joined our family!  He is our peacemaker and troublemaker, lover and teaser, hard worker and energetic player.  We love you GRINS!!!