Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Love of a Child

After I had Makea, I honestly didn't really feel a desire to have any more children. I felt as though I could never love anyone as much as I loved her, and felt that my heart was so full that I didn't have any more room to love another. When I discovered I was pregnant again, I was surprised and, initially, worried. I didn't want Makea to miss out on any of my love or attention. As Kai has grown, however, I have been so grateful he has come to our family! I watch the two of them interact with one another and am amazed at the adoration and love they are developing for each other! I realize that even more important than giving Makea ALL of my love and attention, is giving her a sibling; someone who will always be there for her, no matter what. A ready playmate. A confidant. Someone for her to love unconditionally. Someone who will love her back, unconditionally. Someone to be her best friend throughout the years. Someone with a shoulder to cry on. Someone to hold her hand. This is more than I ever could have given her on my own. I'm so glad Kai joined our family!

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eRiCa said...

sarah, I'm so glad you commented. I had emailed you a while back (nove. 13th) letting you know that I was coming to utah and checking to see if you still wanted to do a session. If you're too busy or the timings not right that's totally cool, but I did want to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you. Just let me know.