Thursday, November 29, 2007


At least three times a day, my sweet little Makea is says something that has me in stitches!

Case in point.
This morning, she was (as she is often prone to do) pestering her little brother. She LOVES to playfully taunt and tease him. (Being an older sister myself, I must admit, I do somewhat understand her point of view. :) ) As he became increasingly perplexed, however, I called to her, "Makea, what are you doing to Kai-Kai?" To which, in her sweetest, loveliest voice she replied, "I'm driving him crazy!"

Second came later this afternoon as we were playing in her bedroom. But first, a bit of background. Several times a day Makea will ask, "Mommy, how do you say _______ (insert just about any word you can think of, from "Noah's ark" to "spoon" to "hilarious") in Spanish and in Sign Language?" Apparently our bright little inquisitor is set on being tri-lingual. So, with that in mind....this afternoon, out of the blue, she said (insert "Eureka" and a light bulb) "I know how to say Kainoa in Spanish!" "Really?" I mused, "How?". Her reply: "Kai-kee-koo-koo-noa!" This had me rolling for about 10 minutes.

Finally, this evening, we were driving by Modern Display, a store which specializes in decorations of the holiday variety. Last week they added a gigantic christmas tree with a larger-than-life Santa which illuminates at night. This evening as we drove past, Makea suddently, bursting with excitement, shouted "Mommy and Papi! Santa is LIGHTING UP!!!" I saw tears streaming down Jon's face, he could not withhold his laughter!

Ah, I love my children! I can only imagine what Kai will come up with when his English becomes more audible/discernible!

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