Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cleaning Up, Moving On

Ahhh. Now that Christmas is over, I am anxious to take down the Christmas tree and decorations, find new places on the shelves for the christmas presents which have 'joined' our household, and de-clutter!!! I love the holiday season - don't get me wrong. I love the warm, cozy ambiance of our house at Christmas - the aroma of Christmas candles wafting through the air, the glow of the yule log candles and lights on the tree, the nativity scene on the hearth (or piano, as the case may be...), etc. etc. But, for some reason, once the holiday is over, the decorations no longer seem 'cozy' but just become 'clutter' to me and I simply cannot rest until they are packed away and out of sight! Christmas always seems to bring such clutter - decorations, treats, new toys and things...argh! Fortunately though, de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning are honestly 3 of my FAVORITE things to do. Seriously. It is just SO refreshing. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let the fun begin!!!!

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Bucket-Of-Toys said...

AMEN! My Christmas tree barely made it through Christmas, it was gone by 11 am yesterday. And as soon as I get some glue to fix all the broken ornaments (the kids and the hard floor were brutal this year) Christmas will be packed away nicely. I love the holiday and I was so excited to get everything out and I'm honestly just as excited to put it all back away! :)