Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy St. Nikolaus Day!

Today being St. Nikolaus Day, I thought it appropriate I share some specifics of our recent visits to see Santa Clause and Father Christmas this past week.

Prior to our visit with Santa at Trolley Square, I spoke with Makea about how kind and generous S.C. is - how he bestows gifts on everyone, and how he especially loves children. In previous years we have not been able to get her near him because of her fear of strangers, but this year she said "He is my friend. I'd like to sit on his lap and talk to him!" When we first saw him, she was slightly apprehensive and clung to my leg for a minute or two. But as soon as he beckoned for her to come, she walked (with me) up to see him and actually sat on his lap! (much to my surprise!) He asked the age old question, "And what would you like for Christmas this year?" to which she quickly replied, "FOOD!" I could have died! Santa looked quite puzzled and said, "Well, yes, everyone needs that - but is there anything else?" I was mortified, envisioning Santa picturing me as some sort of twisted vagabond woman, taking my children around to beg for food to support my drug habit or something of that I quickly explained that, while we were Christmas shopping, she saw a set of wooden play food that can be cut, and she fell in love and wanted it then and there....I told her that perhaps she could ask for it for Christmas. But, for a brief moment, I felt like a beggar mother. Ah, the humiliation children can bring.

I told so many people about the incident and had some great which Makea was obviously attentive. For in our visit with Father Christmas a few nights later, when questioned as to what she would like, she explicitly told him of the food she'd seen (in nearly my exact words) so as to leave no confusion this time that she is actually asking for a TOY and not the bare necessities of life!

Following our visit with Father Christmas, she questioned me about whether there are actually TWO Santas. I replied that there was only one and asked her why. "That Santa we just saw was a bit different than the one at the mall, Mommy. They were not the same man!" Was the response. I quickly gave the "Santa's Helpers all around the world" lecture which seemed to satisfy her, but I came to the realization then and there that we will not be able to pull the wool over her eyes for long! Santa, at our house, is going to have to be well thought out and perfectly executed if we are to maintain the 'magic' of Christmas, at least in the gift-giving sense! If there is anyone out there with secrets or tips on this, let me know! This is really the first year I've had to worry about this, so I am certainly an amateur at this point!


Natalie said...

Yesterday I was at a friend's house and noticed a shoe filled with candy on her kitchen table. I thought to myself, I think that's some sort of German tradition. This friend lived some of her childhood in Germany, so it made sense. I hadn't thought about St. Nikolaus Day for a long time...Maybe we'll have to start celebrating it.

The Mudaliar Family said...

Ya know I think my oldest is starting to understand that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, but I think something that important to emphsise is that even though he really doesn't exist his image is still a part of the magic of Christmas, I read a story once called "Teach the Children" I never believed in Santa growing up and before I read that story I really did not want to teach my kids about Santa, but I think he adds to the whole thing. If Makea is anything like my son, hopefully it won't matter that Santa is just a "symbol" and not actually real.

Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I will have to take a look at that book, it definitely sounds worth reading! And what a great way to keep it in perspective - that GIVING is the real meaning of Christmas - that message can live on long past the days of 'believing' in Santa have come and gone!