Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kickin' it in Kamas

Thanks to our AWESOME bro and sis, Aaron and Niesha, we had the amazing opportunity to have an incredibly fun and relaxing weekend these past few days! Niesha's family has an incredible cabin up in the mountains and we got to spend time as a family with A & N, our sweet niece Aspyn and some friends. We snowmobiled (the highlight of the trip!), ate good food, played games, watched movies, played in the snow, and just lounged around, enjoying good conversation and one another's company. It was a MUCH-needed break from the "busy-ness" of the holidays before Jon returns to school in a few days. We LOVED it. Our sentiments were echoed by Makea when she asked "Can we please stay here and live here?!!" We had such a great time we decided we will definitely be getting ourselves a cabin - and snowmobiles - in the future! (Perhaps not the immediate future....)

BTW - This was a first time snowmobiling for all of us! The kids were a bit apprehensive at first (as, I must admit, was I) but we all warmed up quickly - in fact Makea actually drove one BY HERSELF, a phenomenal expression of courage on her part! Unfortunately our camera was not working while we were up there so I don't have any pics of us snowmobiling but here are some of our cuties in the snow!

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