Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't Spoil the Surprise!

Realizing there are just 2 days before my courier transports all of our Stout family's Christmas presents to Oregon, I decided (with just a smidge of panic) that we ought to get wrapping! (Until now I have left things unwrapped, as I have two very avid unwrappers at my house and thought it best to save myself from frustration and my children from punishment, not to mention sparing the lives of several trees in the process...). I asked Makea if she would like to help me wrap while her brother napped. She was, of course, delighted to assist, but quickly realized there were no presents for HER in the mix. "Are there any presents for ME for Christmas?" she asked, with not a small amount of worry. "Of course," I replied, "but I will have to wrap those later, when you aren't with me, so I won't spoil the surprise!" A hint of understanding crossed her furrowed brow and I thought we had resolved the issue. I then tried to explain that GIVING is even better than RECEIVING, because of how much joy we experience with giving. Moments later, I left the room to get supplies, and returned seconds later to find her missing (if you can actually FIND someone that grammatically correct?) I called out to her and heard a tiny voice coming from behind the armoire..."I'm right here, Mom. Just hiding." was her reply. "From what?" I asked. "From the surprise." I was still confused until she explained, "I'm hiding so you can wrap my Christmas presents."

Apparently, the "giving is better than receiving" bit has yet to sink in!

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