Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

No, I didn't sneeze. What I meant was HAPPY NEW YEAR (Hawaiian Style)! Or if you'd rather, ¡Prospero Aňo Felicidad! (Spanish), freues neu Jahr (German), Xin nian kuai le (Chinese) or שנה טובה (Hebrew).

Anyway you say it, I hope 2008 will be all you are hoping for.

2007 was a year our family - and in particular, our children - grew closer. Kai began walking and talking, and, as a result, became Makea's little protege/pet/plaything. It has been precious, amusing, and occasionally frightening but we have loved witnessing the evolution of their "siblinghood"/alliance. We don't pretend to know all of what 2008 will hold for our family, but we anticipate at least the following highlights:

~ Makea finally sleeping through the night (any time now!)
~ Makea turning 3! (Jan)
~ Jon passing his boards (June)
~ Jon beginning Clinical Rotations (July)
~ Kai turning 2! (Aug)
~ Our family continuing in love, health and happiness

We wouldn't mind if any of the following events were to occur:

~ Kai potty-training himself before the age of 2
~ A comfortably spacious home falling into our laps (so to speak)
~ Becoming independently wealthy (we would even settle for a lump sum to finance med school)
~ Jon miraculously completing medical school early (actually, I am, for the most part, 'enjoying the journey' of med school - but this is Jon's "wish")

May 2008 be more prosperous, more peaceful, and more joy-filled for you and your family than ever before is our sincere wish for you!

With love, The Buchanans

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Natalie said...

I'm with you on the potty training, bigger house, sleeping through the night, and becoming independently wealthy. It's nice to know other people have the same dreams as we do!