Monday, January 30, 2012


Dear Angel,

Happy Birthday!  It literally seems like yesterday that I was writing you a letter on your 6th birthday!  It truly seems that the years fly by with increasing speed with each year that passes!  Oh, how I long for time to stand still, so that I may enjoy you as you are at this moment!  You are spectacular!
1 year old

I heard a quote once that always reminds me of you: "A girl is innocence playing in the mud, beauty standing on its head, and motherhood dragging a doll by the foot."  You are precocious and wise beyond your years, yet innocent and naive. You are beautiful on the outside and inside, yet completely unaware of it, and unconcerned with keeping up appearances.  You are confident yet unassuming, strong and brave yet sensitive.

Age 2 (with a 6 month old Grins)
Earlier this year, you told me that someone in your class said to you, "You talk quiet."  I couldn't believe this!  I don't think I've ever heard you speak softly unless you were specifically trying to whisper.  It surprised me so much, because at home, you are bold, outspoken, and determined to make your opinions and voice heard by all, particularly if you perceive the least bit of injustice.  We are constantly reminding you to 'calm down', take a breath, and try to see things from someone else's view.  Your father and I often think you will be a lawyer or a judge - your need for justice and equality and your ability to argue your case are that strong!

Age 3
You excel in learning.  You are an excellent reader, writer, speller, and mathematician.  You love learning - you asked for a science kit for Christmas!  You enjoy playing the piano, dancing (you LOVED the ballet class you recently finished), singing, and crafting.  But I think that, if it were up to you, you would spend all of your time reading or drawing.  In fact, we often have to remove your books from you to help you focus on things like getting dressed or doing chores.  Your books and art supplies are your constant companions.  You especially like to draw pictures to portray how you are feeling.  If you are angry, you often will draw an angry person acting out or saying angry words, and then by the time you get it all out, you feel better and cross out the picture, and draw a happy one.  Your art truly is your therapy.

Age 4
You are fire and ice.  Incredibly dramatic.  When you are happy, you will do anything to obey and please me.  You are as sweet as can be.  It's as though you are floating on clouds, and you walk around smiling and singing.  When you are angry, there is no talking you out of it.  I must simply give you time to cool down, and let you come around on your own time, in your own way, on your own terms.  But fortunately your anger usually leaves just as quickly as it came, and you are back to your sweet, angel self. :)  One surefire way to dissipate your anger, though, is if someone is crying.  Your nurturing compassion simply can't stand to watch someone suffer or hurt, and you are always the first in line to comfort and console anyone in need!

Age 5

You are snuggly and cuddly, with the biggest heart I've ever known.  You treat all of your dollies and stuffed animals as if they were delicate newborn babies, and you can't bear to part with even the dirtiest, most ragged of them - as if they were living members of your family.  We've had to limit you to 2 at night - we would find your bed FULL of them, with scarcely enough room for you.  I asked you once why you insisted on having so many toys in bed, to which you responded, "They aren't toys.  They are people and animals.  They have feelings too, and they feel lonely and left out when they're just in the bin all night."  I remember thinking this too, as a young girl, and I love how you keep the magic alive in your heart.  We are working at channeling your creativity just a little, as you tend to get lost in your own thoughts.  But when your creativity is focused, it is intense and inspiring!
Age 6

You are smart, creative, artistic, and compassionate.  You are talented, loving, and strong.  You have many emerging strengths and characteristics which will serve you well in life.  I couldn't be more honored or grateful for the privilege and opportunity of being your mother.  You've taught me more in these past 7 years than I learned in the 23 years before your birth!  It is a joy to know you, and a blessing to love you!

Age 7 (almost) 

Love, Mommy

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Christina said...

Cute pictures! I know it's so cliche, but it's amazing how fast they grow up. That last picture was GORGEOUS!