Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ice Skating

As a child, it never occurred to me that people still actually skate on ponds.  Growing up in Oregon, I never experienced a winter cold enough to freeze a pond, so I assumed it was something the pioneers did 'way back when'.  So last year, our first New England winter, I was shocked to see the pond near our house frozen SOLID!  How exciting and novel!  So, we collected some hand-me-down ice skates and hit the pond.

Last year, Wiggles only lasted about 10 seconds before she'd decided she had had enough skating. Ever.  And wouldn't even allow us to put her skates back on her.  This year, though, she was right out there with the rest of them.  It was a bit 'warm' (in the 30s) so the ice was a bit soft, but we will had a lot of fun - and stayed for 4 HOURS!!!  This may very well be the ONLY benefit to sub-freezing temperatures but hey, we've got to take whatever advantage we can get! :)

I loathe pictures of myself but am including this one 1- so my children will know I do things with them!  and 2 - because I love Wiggles' expression!

This girl didn't stop!  She just kept going and going, despite several face plants (as evidenced by the wet legs)

Grins doesn't skate - he RUNS on the ice.  It's so much fun to watch!

Angel takes her time but was certainly more adventurous than last year!

Of course, everyone prefers skating with Daddy, because he goes much faster than Mom! :)

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Amy Brinton said...

I was also amazed at seeing this in Wisconsin--it seemed too magical to still be happening! We got skates for the boys this year--it was a cheap "season pass" for our skating rink pond. :)