Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun in the snow!

What do you do with 12 inches of fresh, powdery snow?  Why go sledding, of course!  So we did!

Last year, Angel and Grins' sledding adventures were severely limited by Wiggles' inability to withstand the cold temperatures for very long.  I was constantly torn between Wiggles crying to go home and the older two begging and pleading to stay and play.  So imagine my surprise and delight when, after 10 minutes or so, I looked around to find Wiggles and saw her hiking (all by herself, amid countless school children) to the top of the hill, then sledding down, laughing.  And then repeating the process, over and over and over again.  Heaven on earth, I tell you.  It was true bliss.
I didn't get any great shots of her sledding, but she could really get moving on that little slope slider!

Making a train with friends!

Of course, the boys wanted to try it standing up, and backwards, and head first....

Grins started trying 'tricks' where he would spin/twist/turn/jump.

Angel and her friend had a lot of fun too!

I seriously have the most adorable kids on the planet!

Doesn't Wiggles look like a little pink marshmallow?  When she's in her snow suit I want to just eat her up!!!
We are truly enjoying living here!  How incredible to have sledding hills and skating ponds at our fingertips!  Winter sure is fun!!

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