Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cracking me up...

I missed posting last night due to a horrid bout with the stomach flu...The Mr. was working all weekend and Grins and I literally could not get out of bed, so Angel cared for Wiggles the entire day.  What a little treasure she is.  Of course, I came upstairs this morning shocked at the mess the two of them managed to make...but it was certainly a blessing to have her help yesterday!

I believe I post more about my children when they are 3 than at any other age; particularly the funny things they say!  This age is such a delight!  Tonight at dinner, Wiggles looked at me with big eyes and asked, "Mommy, when I grow up, who am I going to be?"

It sounded funny and I chuckled a little, but she was very serious.  And so I answered her seriously.  "Well, you will be an adult (Wiggles).  You'll be a lady.  You will probably be a wife and a mommy.  And you can be whatever else you want to be - a doctor, a dancer, a singer, an actress, an artist, a violinist, a cook.....whatever you want to be, and whomever you want to be, you can be it!"

She thought about for a moment (I could see the 'wheels turning' through her eyes) and suddenly she gasped and said "Ahh!  If I am a mommy, then I'll have kids!"

It was adorable, seeing her put it all together.  She lit up at the prospect of having children.  She is definitely a born nurturer and is in the phase of caring for whomever/whatever she can!

It started me thinking who she really will become someday.  I know it will be someone strong, someone passionate, and someone very determined.  Those traits have already manifested themselves clearly, even at her young age!  She is a girl who knows exactly what she wants - and exactly how/where/when and why she wants it, and will settle for nothing less!  But she is also very compassionate and loving.  Hopefully these virtues will serve her well in life - and I'm sure she'll pick up some patience somewhere along the line. :)

Other funny Wiggles-isms lately:

Last week we took Angel to the doctor for her 7 year old 'check up'.  When Wiggles learned that we were going for Angel and not Wiggles herself, she exclaimed, "Well, I want the doctor to check ME up too!"

This evening, she helped me saute the asparagus for dinner.  She has never really been able to say asparagus, but tonight when the Mr. came home, she really wanted to tell him she had cooked the asparagus.  She said "Daddy!  I stirred the casmearigus all by myself!  No, the spagherigus.  No, the.....Mommy, what is that stuff in the pan called?!"

We also had (homemade) croutons on our soup this evening - probably a first, since I never buy croutons, but had some dry bread I needed to use....so at dinner she said, "Please pass the perfumes!"

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