Sunday, January 08, 2012


The week after Christmas, the Mr. and I decided we were long overdue for a visit to the Temple, so we decided to take a day trip down to Boston!  We and every other person in New England!  Wow, was it crowded!!  But oh, so fun!

I drove the Mr. and children to the T station, then headed back to the temple.  The Mr. and children took the T to the Boston Children's Museum (pretty much the happiest / most stimulating place on earth, in my opinion!  Disneyland has got nothing on the Boston Children's Museum!  Truly.)  They arrived just as it opened.  The downside: There were probably more people there than live in the entire state of Maine - standing room only, and lots of lines.  The upside: the kids still had a GREAT time!

Her smile cracks me up!

I had an beautiful time at the temple (much longer than we had originally planned but you just can't put a time limit on your visit - especially when we only make it down once a month!), and then took the T out to them at the Children's Museum.  Together, we walked across town (over a mile!) to the Science museum (to 'see the city' but also to save the $3.40 train fare - that's how frugal we are! :) ).  It was a fun, but COLD and long, walk, and we were thrilled to finally arrive at the Boston Museum of Science around 3pm.  (The second happiest place on earth.  Really.)  We had a little sack lunch dinner and then made our way through the crowds to some of our favorite exhibits.  We were able to see an incredible lightning show which thrilled us all (except Wiggles, who kept her hands over her ears and kept asking if it was over....though she quietly sat through the whole 20 min nevertheless!)  The children had fun putting a 'body' together, looking at baby chicks hatching from eggs, doing science experiments, flying space shuttles....we had a blast!  Of course, when the museum closed and we had to leave, the children insisted that the past 4 hours had not been NEARLY long enough and, of course, they are right.  You could probably spend a week there and not see everything.  But we will return soon.
Angel is trying to create an image of herself, carrying the earth.

All in all, a very successful day.  I'm SO grateful for the days the Mr. has off, because I just haven't had the courage yet to brave Boston (and the long drive and the T travel) by myself with all 3 children.  Maybe someday.  But it was wonderful to have a family day!  We really enjoy living so near to such a neat city!

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Amy Brinton said...

What a fun day trip! It's those perfect days that help you get through all the solo-parenting. Way to go for you guys to get away!