Sunday, January 29, 2012

Angel turns 7!!

It is hard to believe that our Angel is 7 years old!  Where has the time gone?  And yet, I can't even fathom life without her!

Her birthday morning started out with a little snow storm and school cancellation (you can see the start of the snow on the back deck - I always keep the deck clean, so this was all fresh, and we got a few more inches throughout the day).  She was disappointed not to be able to go to school, but we managed to have a very fun day at home together, preparing for her puppy party!
Our 3-generation birthday tradition is choosing a breakfast cereal on your special day.  Not the healthiest tradition but at least it's only once a year!  She chose Lucky Charms! Yummmmy!

After breakfast, we got to work setting up for the party which would take place later that night!  Angel, the party-planner, was thrilled to be able to help (I would have done most of it during the day while she was at school).

I constructed a dog house out of a large box, and it proved to be time well spent!  The birthday girl and all of her guests enjoyed it immensely!  We are still enjoying it today, more than a week later!

Of course, assembling the 'doggie bags' was a lot of fun!  Grins and Angel love this sort of thing

Silly Angel wanted a picture of what went in the bags - dog bone necklaces, 'puppymint' BARK, puppy chow, loli pup, dog stickers, and doggie bookmarks.

After setting up for the party, Angel opened some gifts, we enjoyed some stories and games together, plus a lot of play time, and anxiously awaited the upcoming party!

Finally, the blessed moment came and guests began arriving.  (As a side note: Our family rule is that the birthday child may invite as many friends as years of age - so Angel was allowed 7 guests.  Of course, the decision making process was very difficult on her - there were several close friends she was sad to 'leave out' (though of course they didn't know about it) - but I was proud of her for making a little 'list', writing everyone she'd like to invite, and then systematically narrowing down the list.  She made special little notes to give to the friends she didn't invite to her party, inviting them for a playdate, or telling them she was glad they were her friend, since she felt badly about 'excluding' them...completely her idea.  She is so thoughtful and concerned with the feelings of others.)

First, guests were transformed into 'puppies'.  They glued spots onto puppy ear headbands, and then the Mr. painted their faces.  It was adorable to see how they all chose different colors/styles, and all looked so cute and unique!
Here they all are with their ears and painted faces!
We also took pictures of all the 'puppies'.  They were adorable!  Of course, my children's pictures didn't turn out well....I may have to do theirs over (they wouldn't mind, since they are sporting the ears almost daily still.)

Next, we played "Puppy Pile-up" (similar to "Twister"), and then "Give the dog a Bone" (Similar to pin the tail on the donkey - on a poster Angel drew herself!)

Since many of our guests were excited and full of energy, towards the beginning of the party, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle the group.  Fortunately, I realized very quickly that these little puppies were very eager to please.  So, whenever it got loud or rambunctious, I would simply hold up my hand and say "Puppies, quiet!" and immediately, it was silent.  It was unbelievably effective, and so much fun!

After our delicious (ha!) dinner of hot dogs, etc, we played, "Doggy, Doggy, Where's your bone?"  We should have played this first - it was the highlight of the evening!  No one wanted to stop, and we must have played 20 rounds at least!  I was finally able to end it only with the promise of refreshments and gift opening, otherwise, I think it would have lasted all night! :)

Finally, we ate cake and ice cream, and Angel opened her gifts.  Of course Wiggles wanted to play the role of puppy and stick her tongue out, showing the blue frosting (which I got against my better judgment...)  Angel had wanted a cheesecake topped with 'puppy chow' (cocoa crispies), but I was worried not all of the guests would enjoy cheesecake, so we had a cake/cupcakes as well (she would have taken the cupcakes to school were it not for the snow day).  

I didn't get any pictures of the gifts - I was too busy barking out commands "Puppies, sit!  Puppies, stay!  Puppies, one gift at a time!" and writing notes on who gifted what....but Angel was much to enthralled in the gift opening process to have looked up anyhow. :)

All in all, it was a memorable and fun party, and enjoyed by all!

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Amy Brinton said...

I can just imagine how much those kids loved this! You are the perfect doggy mama. :)