Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This Boy keeps me laughing...

So, I realize most of my posts lately have been about Grins, but he is just at the age of hilarious little sayings and I've got to write them down while they're fresh in my mind. So, forgive me for the repetition, but at least my kids are creative, right??....

The other night, while snuggling together in his bed, Grins said:
G: "I can't wait until I grow up into a Daddy!"
Me: "Why? What do you want to do as a Daddy that you can't to right now?"
G: "Sleep in YOUR bed with you!"

(After sneezing): "Excuse me, I blessed!" (he calls sneezes "bless"-es, because we say "bless you" after one.

(In response to me wincing and rubbing my thigh after banging it on the chair) "Oh Mommy, is your CHUB ok?" (It took me a minute to realize what he was saying and then I put it all together: I am constantly pinching Wiggles' thighs and saying "I love this little CHUB!!!!" - so Grins's interpretation was that chub=thigh. And, unfortunately, my thighs support this theory. :) Still, I find it funny.

On the way to a friend's Retirement Party, the children asked "What does 'retirement' mean?" I explained that Retirement is when a (usually "mature") person has worked for a long time and is ready to stop working and stay home. The kids (especially Angel) could simply not grasp this concept: "But, WHY would they want to do that? What are they going to do staying at home all day? That does not sound fun at all! Why are they having a party about that?...."


coleen ure said...

Hi Sarah! I saw your blog from Katie's, cute pictures! You have such a cute family.

Us, the Gilson's said...

I love the things kids say!

And by the way... Happy Belated Birthday! We were thinking of you all week! So hopefully it's been a good one!