Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Quiet Time Idea

Grins woke up SO early today that he fell asleep in the car on our way home from an activity at NOON! This is SO unlike him - I can rarely get him to fall asleep for his nap before 2 or 3 (and by then it's too late; if he naps then he's up all night!) Even though he's at the "nap vs no nap" transition stage, I still (try to) enforce a "Quiet Time" with the older 2 - reading books or playing quietly in their beds or mine for about an hour. Lately I've been feeling under the weather and needing naps of my own so when the kids actually adhere to "Quiet Time" guidelines (as in, they are QUIET and not fighting or screeching with laughter at one another's hilariousness) it is quite nice.

Today, however, was HEAVEN. Since Grins had already taken a nap, I was worried I wouldn't be able to convince him to have quiet time. Initially he resisted, but when I told him he could sit in my bed and read with me, he finally consented. Then he noticed a bottle of lotion on my nightstand. "Can I have some lotion?" he asked. "Sure." I replied, hoping it would buy me a few minutes of quiet. A minute later my quiet was interrupted with "Can I rub it on you, Mommy?" "OK" I again consented, hoping for at least another minute of shut-eye. What ensued then was the heavenly part. He proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes or so softly rubbing my arms, hands, feet, back and legs. It was the most soothing 10 minutes I've had all week! It was awesome! My own little personal Quiet Time Masseuse - and free, no less! Why didn't I think of this before?! I think we'll need to make this a daily tradition. :) OK, let's face it, the novelty would wear off really fast for Grins, but it was certainly a sweet little moment today. I love my little man!

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