Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day - I don't consider myself super romantic, but I love that there is a special occasion to say "I love you" to the important people in your life. Although the Mr. and I did enjoy an evening out with just the two of us, we mostly celebrated as a family. I love watching our children get into the holidays; holidays are SO much more fun with kids! This year, at the request of Angel, we had a "pink and red" dinner, which consisted of Raspberry chicken, pink mashed potatoes, rolls with strawberry jam, cabbage (dyed pink), beets, fresh strawberries, sparkling cranberry juice, and raspberry danish dessert. Then the "love bug" hit our home, leaving a web of strings throughout the house, one string for each person leading to their Valentine treat. We finished off the evening with my favorite part; the family 'gift' exchange. Last week, I let Angel and Grins each pick valentine 'gifts' for each family member - they ended up choosing treats rather than actual gifts, but it was so cute: They each chose a heart Pez dispenser for their sibling (probably because they each wanted one themselves, but it was very thoughtful). They each got Reese's pieces for the Mr. (they obviously know him well) and a heart of chocolates for me. My favorite, though, were the cards they made (especially Angel). I suggested they write the person's name on the front of the heart, and then something they loved about the person on the back. Grins needed some coaxing but Angel worked independently for nearly an hour and I was so impressed with her thoughtfulness.


Mom - I love your kindness.
"Dab" (the one word he actually wrote) - I love Daddy the most.
Angel - I love her because she's kind.
Wiggles - She's SO cute.


Mom - "i love U bEcus U Drus ep" (I love you because you dress up with me.)
Dad - "i love U bab! bEcus u ticel Me" (I love you dad because you tickle me)
Grins - "i love U BYCUS U MAK Me LAF" (I love you because you make me laugh.)
Wiggles - "i love U BEecus u LAF AT JOCS" (I love you because you laugh at my jokes.)

Oodles of hugs and kisses were shared, songs about love and family were sung, and Angel and Grins informed us that they "love Heavenly Father and Jesus most of all, more than anyone or anything else in the whole wide world." We have such amazing children and such a happy family! I love it! :)

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Belnap's said...

i love the idea of the love bug. you are so creative!!!! sounds like a fun day:)