Friday, February 19, 2010

Lessons in Sign Language

Yesterday the Mr. walked by our apartment and, through the window, saw Angel and Grins playing in their bedroom. He tapped on the window and held up his hand in the universal sign for "I love you":Grins looked up from his K'nex, smiled at the gesture, then, with his hugest grin ever and all the love he could muster, responded with this:

(He was innocently intending to return the "I love you" sign, by the way - he is completely oblivious to the fact that some hand gestures are less than kind.)

(By the way, is anyone else having problems posting pictures on blogger lately? The past few days, I can't arrange my pictures on my posts at all - which is why, you'll notice, there are two identical pictures in this post - the only way I could get text above the picture was to sandwich it between 2 pics, and now it won't let me erase the first one. Very strange. Ironic, now that I have so many pictures to post, I can't post them! Just wondering if it's a systemwide problem or my own little glitch. Thanks!)

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Us, the Gilson's said...

We got a BIG laugh out of this one! LOL Love it. *tearing up*