Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dancing the Day Away

This picture is from exactly one year ago -
Angel was dressed up as a ballerina so Grins decided he wanted to be a ballerina as well. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for him) this picture doesn't do justice to his black hair ribbon and black tutu (although you can see them if you look very closely.)

Today, Angel stepped out of her room donning her too-small tutu, wanting desperately to learn to dance like a "real" ballerina. To begin, we looked up "nutcracker" on youtube and watched a portion of the dance of the sugar plum fairies featuring Natalya Arkhipova. Grins watched for a moment then said "That's a MOMMY, not a girl" ('Mommy' in this case is code for 'woman' as opposed to young girl). He watched, enchanted, and then said "She is SO beautiful. I just want to.....(a short pause during which I was nervous about what he might come up with)...I just want to dance with her, she's so beautiful."

That's my little gentleman for you. He never fails at making me smile.

Angel then said "I want to dance with her, too!" To which Grins replied "No, girls don't dance with girls! She's mine!"

Later, as we tried to repeat her repeated twirling-in-a-circle (she probably spun at least 20 times in a row! I'm sure there's a dance term for it), none of us could spin more than a few times before falling due to dizziness. Angel remarked "That ballerina must have spun at least 13 times! She must be undizzy-able!"

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