Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why my children are so SWEET!

The other night, Grins had earned a little lollipop (a rare treat in our house!) Not wanting it to make a mess, I suggested he eat it in the bathtub, since it was bath time anyway. Wiggles, who is always first in the tub, saw Grins enter the bathroom with a lollipop, and decided she needed one too. I watched as she proceeded to climb out of the bathtub, run down the hall, and head toward the kitchen, before I finally realized she was going to get herself a treat. I avoid giving her sugar at all costs, but the Mr. saw her streaking through the house and thought she was too cute to resist. The result: a clean girl with a green tongue. We laughed so hard at her tongue that she kept sticking it out for everyone to see.

We keep our little jar of sweets in the highest cupboard of the kitchen so it's out of reach and out of sight. It's not out of mind for Wiggles, though! Nearly EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at Dinner, she will point to it and say "Nanny, nanny" if she doesn't like what is being served for dinner (which, unfortunately, is most nights lately. I don't know why she's so picky; her older siblings are such great eaters!) I find it odd because I think the lollipop is the first piece of candy she's eaten, and her begging for candy started long before the lollipop incident. We don't eat much candy at our house (at least, not in front of the kids ;) )...but who knows where children pick things up.

One thing is for sure, though. Grins shares her love for sweets. The other day, the Mr. and I were bringing groceries in from the car. With the last load in hand, we entered the kitchen to find this:

Grins had climbed up the cabinets (using the drawers as a ladder of sorts) and reached up to the highest shelf to get the candy jar. That is one determined kid! I love the look on his face; it seems so say, "Oh, man! If only I was 20 seconds faster! I almost had it!"

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Steve and Katie said...

I love the blue tongue! That is so cute!