Thursday, March 04, 2010

the Fire Station Soak

(Since Grins and Wiggles were SO cold, I hurried to get them out of their wet clothes and into some warm, dry blankets. In my haste, I forgot to take pictures of the kids....but I did get one of the Mr.... trying to imitate Wiggles' camera smile)

Yesterday, we had a tour of our local fire station. When we toured the station last summer, the fire fighters let us play with the hose at the end of the tour and the kids had such fun that that's what they were most looking forward to this time. So much so that they came out of their room donning swimsuits on the morning of the tour. I tried to explain that, since it's currently winter, the hose spraying would not be on the tour agenda this year. This devastated them, and Angel begged me to at least let her wear her raincoat, rain boots, and waterproof pants. I allowed for the coat and boots but had her wear jeans instead. Since the Mr. was home that morning, he took all 3 to the tour while I stayed home to clean (it was wonderful!) I couldn't believe my eyes when, a couple of hours later, they arrived at the door SOAKING WET!!!! Shocked, I gasped, "They did the hose thing? Seriously?" The Mr. then explained how, during the drill, while hooking the hose from the hydrant to the fire engine, one of the side ports opened and sprayed the 4 of them, from just a few feet away. Grins and Wiggles screamed bloody murder at the cold surprise, but Angel was prepared with her boots and coat and had a grand old time. "See Mom! You should have let me wear my waterproof pants!" she laughed. Indeed. We all had a good chuckle.


Steve and Katie said...

haha! thats awesome! When we toured they didn't do drills or anything, they just showed us the truck. The kids would have loved that. Gotta love when your kids pull the 'I told you so' on you. Too funny.

Amy Brinton said...

Funny story! That was good of their dad to take them.

Yes, we brought the boys to the Match Day brunch, and so did many others. It was fun to be there with our entire family, but it also would have been fun to make a date out of it! So, to answer your question, it's a pretty low-stress situation that kids will be fine at if you want.