Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grins as a Girl

Several months ago, Angel went through a phase of wanting to dress "sporty, like a boy!" She would ask to wear Grins' clothes and, most of the time, I allowed it, thinking it was not a problem. Last week when Grins came out of his bedroom wearing this, I decided that perhaps I should rethink this 'cross-dressing' thing. When I asked him to go change, he said "Please! I just want to wear a dress and dance!!!!" He pleaded so sweetly that I finally consented under the conditions that he change after the dance...which he did. But I have to say, he makes a cute girl!
Have any of you parents of boys dealt with this? Any thoughts or suggestions? Is it harmless, or should we discourage it?


Emily said...

Oh my! He's going to LOVE these pictures when he's older! ;) I wouldn't worry too much.

Amy said...

Harmless and adorable!