Friday, March 05, 2010

Dr. "Angel"

Me: (Just getting out of bed, I notice Angel hovering over me)
Angel: "Excuse me, Miss. You need to head over to my hospital so I can deliver your baby."
Me: "Oh, really?"
A: "Yes" (handing me a doll) "Put this under your shirt and meet me at the hospital in 1 minute. I need to get this baby out of you right away."
Me: (laughing) "OK, Doc!"
(I stuff the doll under my shirt and head out to the living room where, still groggy, I plop down in the rocking chair. On my way out, I notice Angel in her room, 'getting dressed' in her white coat, etc.)
A: (entering room) "Ok, time to deliver this baby!" (Pulls out knife from her Dr. bag and slashes it across my "belly" a few times, then lifts up my shirt and 'pops' the baby out.)
Me: "Wow! That was quick! And easy! You are an amazing doctor!"
A: "Yes!" (and, handing me the baby) "Here's your baby."
Me: "Thank you!"
A: (taking baby back) "Now I get the baby. You just rest. Bye!"


lacy said...

that is cute

Brittany Pulsipher said...

Cute story!