Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Our American Express Christmas

Fortunately for us, we budgeted $300 for Christmas this year. Unfortunately for us, that's not really gonna cut it due to several unexpected expenses which just happened to pop up:

$1035 - The kids medical bills (medicine, equipment and visits) over the last month (several trips to the pediatrician, no insurance)
$311 - Jon's Dr. bill
$115 - 2 new tires
$110 - an unexpected cell phone bill
$25 - fee for not having cash at a toll booth in San Francisco
$15 - fee for somehow losing a CD we borrowed from the library
Knowing (hoping!) that this is the LAST year we'll be living on an income of $0.............priceless!

***Please do not take this as a complanatory post...while all the facts are, sadly, true, we find that making light of our destitute situation actually makes us laugh, and offers us hope for a brighter financial future..... :)


Timani said...

Score..double Skymiles to help with interviews, right! Keeping it positive you know! :)

I sooo know how that is!

Just thought of this so had to Google it, couldn't remember the name. http://www.malihehfreeclinic.org/ Anyway when Dan was on the High Council he taught a class to Bishops and other Stake Leaders on keeping health care costs down and the Maliheh Clinic was one of them. We've never used it though.

And when you go to the doctor do you get a discount for an upfront payment? I have a doc that reduces it by 50% for full payment for uninsured. I know other places discount it. Often times the doctor is so removed from billing now, but if you talk to the doc they'll offer a lesser fee (or may even write it off).

Queen Bee said...

Bummer. Do they have CHIP for the kids in UT? We were able to get that for our kids here and it means copays are $3-5 instead of $$$. Helps a lot!
Some people ask us if we're almost done with school, ha! I say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :)