Friday, December 04, 2009

My Current Math Problem

Wiggles cutting molars (and screaming all night) +
Angel's stomach flu +
Grins' pent up energy (due to weather too cold to take sick kids out) MINUS the Mr. for 10 days
A slightly frazzled, sleep-deprived, less-than-patient Mommy who still loves her children more than life but appreciates her husband more than ever!

COME HOME SOON, MY LOVE!!!! I know when you're here, you aren't "here" very much, but we'll take whatever we can get! We love and miss you!

Love, Us


Jon said...

Thank you, my love, for your patience and faith.

I will be home soon!


Becca Jane said...

Hey sarah,
This is Becca over at Knock on Wood. YES, I live in the 900 Court! How funny! Your kiddies are cute, I'm always up for playdates! :)
Thanks for reading!