Monday, December 07, 2009

Captivated Candids Giveaway

If you're into giveaways, you'll definitely want to check out the one going on right now Here! Probably the biggest giveaway I've ever seen! If you don't want to enter, no problem, but if you do, make sure you drop my name too! :) Maybe I'll split my winnings with you! :)


Timani said...

The link isn't working.

Sarah said...

oops, sorry! Up and running now! :) Thanks for notifying me!

Timani said...

Yes, resident wife blog is for wives of residents. Several UUSOM wives from my MS 1 & 2 years are on it, that's how I found out about it. No one else from my class is though. I used to follow it when it was public then had to wait until residency to be allowed to join. There is also a that is public. I like Real Life Resident Wife better though.