Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blogging from Oregon

So, we made it to Oregon, safely, earlier this week. The 12 hour drive was brutal for the last 8 hours or so - partially due to inclement weather, but mostly due to 3 small children that refuse to sleep in the car, even if it's pitch black and midnight. Strange, because I LOVE sleeping in the car. I was begging to sleep in the car. I was so exhausted I could hardly stay awake in the car. Yet, they were pinching, pulling, scratching, spitting, screaming, peeing (in their seats - yes, that actually happened when Grins fell asleep for 3 minutes he woke up crying that he was wetting himself. sigh.) crying, Every time we make the trip we swear it will be the last time...but unfortunately we still have to get back to Utah so we have at least one more drive ahead of us. Fortunately my brother was with us, so technically it was 1 on 1 (1 adult to 1 kid), (although the driver didn't really count) which helped a LOT - thanks Daniel! We will definitely miss his help on the way home!

But, we made it, and since we've been here, we've been having a grand old time. Angel tells me about 5 times each day "I want to move here!" and today she said "Isn't Grandma's house just SO fun?" Selfishly, I admit I love having so many baby sitters at my beck and call....the Mr. and I have gone out almost every night! :) And the kids of course adore their aunts and uncles....last night, Angel woke up in the middle of the night, looked at my sister and said "I love you, Abbie", kissed her, and went back to sleep! Wow!

The Mr. has really been enjoying his interviews, and I've loved being able to attend the dinners with him! I've learned a lot and gained some great advice from some of the residents' spouses!

....well, the babysitters are all gone tonight and the Mr. and I are left to our own devices tonight (scary!) so I'd better wrap this up. Not the most exciting post I know, but you can't win 'em all, right? Pictures to follow when we get home since we forgot our camera cord.

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Timani said...

Where in Oregon are you? We moved from Hermiston 12 years ago. Dan is from there, I grew up in Tri-Cities, Washington.

What has the Mr. decided to be a doctor in?

We've made the Utah/Oregon trip sooooo many times. I've made it so many times myself. I totally feel sorry for you because my kids are awesome travelers. I can make it all the way to Boise w/o stopping.