Sunday, December 13, 2009

Portrait of "The Mr.": My Husband and Provider

Though I hardly ever watched TV as a child, when I did, one show I enjoyed was "Boy Meets World." In the final season, Cory and Topanga, young newlyweds, move into their first apartment (student housing) which is dirty, bug-infested, with peeling wallpaper and plumbing issues. With trepidation, they try to make the best of their situation, and at one point, when it's dinner time and they realize they have no food, Topanga asks Cory, "Well, what now, my husband and provider?"

I often ask the same thing of the Mr. - jokingly - when we find ourselves stumped about what to do. I still remember when, while engaged to be married, the Mr. and I took our first trip together - riding the Greyhound bus from Portland, OR to SLC, UT. We walked up to the terminal, the Mr. carrying our luggage, me carrying my purse, when I suddenly realized I had NO idea where our bus tickets were! I immediately began panicking when the Mr. calmly pulled them from his pocket. My dad laughed and said "This is him taking care of you - and this is only the beginning." Those words have stuck with me since that moment, and I have never been disappointed at the care my husband has shown me these past 9 years;

When, while running together, I had a sudden pain and could not move another inch, the Mr. (my boyfriend at the time) ran to get someone to help him give me a blessing. The moment I saw his car drive up, the pain began to fade.

When, as a newlywed, I struggled with wondering what my 'purpose' in life was, the Mr. urged me in the direction of PA school, an experience which has blessed my life in many ways.

When, as newlyweds trying to finish school, the Mr. worked day and night - 3 jobs in all - so I could finish my education as quickly as possible.

When, in my first trimester of pregnancy, I had horrible morning sickness, he would hold back my hair and clean up all my messes.

When, throughout my entire pregnancy (and the two that followed!), he gently and lovingly attended to my every need.

When, in the midst of PA school, I had a baby (Angel), he postponed his education to stay home with her to allow me to finish.

When, in the midst of moving, I don't want to lift another box, he lovingly takes care of everything, despite his many other responsibilities.

When, after a long day, I am tired and want some "me" time, he sets aside his studies and plays with the kids so I can shower, nap, or have some free time.

When I'm frustrated, discouraged, disheartened or sad, he gives me a listening ear, offers me a shoulder to cry on, and surrounds me with his loving arms.

These are only a few examples of the many ways in which my husband lovingly cares for me and provides for my every need. I know sometimes we assume that "providing" means earning money and providing shelter, food, clothing....all the things that money can by. But, though my husband is in medical school and temporarily doesn't bring in much income, he provides me, and our family, with SO much more! I honestly could not ask for a better husband and provider!

I love you, Sweetheart! Thanks for all you do!


Emily said...

Sounds like a great guy! What a wonderful example you two set for your children. They will truly know how to treat others and when married how to be partners and loving spouses! ;) You are truly blessed!

Belnap's said...

I just LOVE reading your blog!!!