Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today as I was helping the children with their journals, I decided that if I'm encouraging them to write in their journals every Sunday, I should be writing in mine at least once a week out of principle! So, I'll try to be more regular in my posts. It may be boring but C'est la vie!

This week was fantastic, fun-filled, and super busy! We began with my family coming into town, immediately followed by a luau for our sweet little Wiggles - SO much fun to catch up with some "old" friends and family we haven't seen in ages! That was followed by a trip to the zoo, Thanksgiving with both sides of the family, Black Friday shopping, a visit to This Is The Place for their Candlelight Christmas (Wiggles was TERRIFIED of Father Christmas as you can see in the pic), a Lia Sophia party, dinner with some good friends, and now it's off to New England for the Mr.

This week's highlight: Today at church, I taught our Primary Sharing Time about "preparing to be Moms and Dads". We discussed how, even though "we" (meaning the children) may be young, and being a mom or dad seems so far away, there are so many things we can do right now to prepare - such as developing our own testimonies, learning how to share, forgive, help, teach, etc. and so on. One of the scenarios we discussed went something like "Your baby sister wants your mom to hold her but your mom is making dinner. What could you do to practice being helpful?" This evening, as we were eating dinner, Wiggles was throwing a fit, wanting me to hold her. I said "Girl, can you give me 5 minutes to eat please?" Angel immediately excused herself from the table, took Wiggles into the living room and entertained her while I finished eating. Such a small act but it meant so much to me that 1) she was so eager and willing to help and 2) she had actually been listening in primary and was trying to implement what she had learned. :) She is SUCH a little sweetheart! I love that girl!

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Aww, Angel is a sweetheart!