Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Two Little Miracles...

As you may know, our family has had the wonderful opportunity of being involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities for the past 6 years. Briefly, the Ronald McDonald House Charity is an organization offering a "home away from home" for the families of sick children. It is an AMAZING organization which helps SO many people...please check out their website and think of a way you can pitch in this year! (OK, done with my little plug...)

Over the years, we have grown close to many of the families that have come and gone and our hearts have truly been touched by their spirits. Makea has grown quite fond of a few of them, and still asks about them from time to time. Today, in fact, I asked who she would like to invite over for a birthday party, and she named two girls (unrelated) she met here, both of whom moved back home several months ago when, tragically, their baby brothers died. But they continue to hold special places in her young little heart. Because of our involvement in the house, we experience tragedy on a somewhat regular basis. If my memory is correct, we had 5 deaths last year alone. Keep in mind, these are all YOUNG CHILDREN. Simply devastating to watch what they and their families go through! Because we see it so often, I sometimes find myself 'dulled' to the challenges these families are facing. Sometimes my role here seems more of a 'job' and less of a service. I complain that people are too messy (one of my roles is housekeeping), too demanding, too time-consuming, etc. But then I am reminded of what these families are facing, and I stop in my tracks and realize how blessed I am to be on the GIVING end, rather than the receiving in this case!

This evening, I met a sweet young woman carrying a 2 week old baby. As we spoke, I learned that she has several other children, one of whom has leukemia which has recently relapsed. As a result she spends all day at the hospital, trying to care for both her newborn baby AND her sick child. Her remaining children are missing her at their home hundreds of miles away and will only see her periodically during her 7-12 month (or longer) stay here. As I spoke with this woman, my heart began breaking for her and her sweet family. It was all I could do to hold back the tears until she left. I immediately fell to my knees and thanked the Lord for the health of my children, my husband, and myself. Then I ran to my children and smothered them with loved. What a miracle the gift of HEALTH truly is!

And so I ask of you, dear reader; please pray for this family, and the many others in similar situations. May we each pause to take a moment to be grateful for the many things we may so easily take for granted, and live to make each day count!


Heidi and Matt said...

You are so right. I agree, I see this in the hospital too. We are so blessed to have such healthy kiddos. Hope you are doing good. Finally started a blog.... talk to you soon, Love Heidi
ps, your kids are sooooo cute!

Heidi and Matt said...

Oh, Sarah I agree so much! I see this all the time in the hospital too. We are so blessed to have healthy kiddos. I am a blogger now. Love the pix of your kids, DARLING! Love Heidi

Heidi and Matt said...

I kept thinking my comment was deleted, sorry there are so many, HAHA!

Alex said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for your family Christmas letter. I really enjoyed reading it-as well as your blog posts. How adorable your children are. I would just be in heaven if Jackson stays as sweet as he is now and becomes like your children when he gets older. You sound so great. I'm glad to hear that things are going so well for you. Love