Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Very Happy Un-Birthday to You!

In anticipation of her upcoming birthday (just a couple of weeks away!), Makea was contemplating gifts she would like - it was difficult for her to come up with many ideas since she was so abundantly showered with them at Christmas - but she managed to name one or two. As we sat and discussed it, she decided to think of gifts she'd like to give OTHERS for THEIR birthdays (ever the sweetheart that she is!). This is what she came up with:

Let me first preface this by saying that Jon and I have recently given up our bedroom in order to get a better night's sleep. Sound confusing? Let me elaborate. What it comes down to is this: we have a 2 bedroom apt and 2 children who were consistently waking one another up at night. We tried many different 'solutions', none of which seemed to work. One day we realized it has been about 3 years since we have actually had a good night's sleep, uninterupted, so a lightbulb came on and we decided to separate them at night. Initially, we put a toddler bed in our room for Makea - but that didn't seem to help her sleep better, and it meant there was no room left to walk, so that didn't last long. We finally resigned ourselves to getting rid of our bed and getting a futon in the living room for us. Now, each child has their own room = both are sleeping through the night (knock on wood!) = our backs are slightly sore but = happy, well-rested parents (so to speak). Are we crazy? Maybe. But sleep deprivation can certainly do that to you!

Anyhow, bearing that in mind, we will now return to Makea's Birthday Gift List:

For Kainoa's birthday, he needs his OWN play kitchen because he really likes playing with mine. For Papi we will get a new gate for the office (we put a child gate up so the kids can't get into the computer room and wreak havoc on the electronics - but Jon hates stepping over it so she wants to get him one that opens and shuts). I finally asked, "What does Mommy need for her birthday?" to which she replied "A bedroom!" Wow! Is this kid perceptive or what?

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