Sunday, May 06, 2012

Random April

April showers have meant lots of fun time playing indoors - and we also had some nice weather to afford us some fun outings!  Here are a bunch of random shots from this past month:

Dressing up is always fun to do! (And fun to see!)

FHE lesson about putting on the "armor of God"

Grins got really into "Clown Day" at school....although he chickened out and removed his wig as soon as we got to school!

Wiggles took her first ride on the 'tagalong' bike - and hated every minute of it (we only tortured her for a minute or two before finally giving up and putting her back in the bike trailer.)

The Mr. worked a lot of over nights, and worked 29 out of the 30 days in April, so, needless to say, he was in high demand when he was home!

And, as always, Angel has been hard at work on her arts and crafts.  She will only ever clean up / put away her creations if I first preserve them through photograph, so I end up with LOTS of pictures like this on my camera!

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