Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ferry Beach

When it reached 80 degrees in April, we knew we had to take advantage of it and head for the beach!!!  We met some friends at Ferry Beach and stayed all day (9:30am to 5pm!) - and the children still weren't ready to leave!

Angel tried out her new snorkel set.

And loved the boogie boarding!

But she especially enjoyed all the sea life around!
She collected hermit crabs and mussels and begged me to let her bring them home with us.  When I insisted that that wasn't in their best interest or ours, she finally consented to just take a photo to remember them by...

Wiggles had fun with her little buddy Cole.  They play together often and are in preschool together, and they often fight like cats and dogs.  But at the beach, they were both just so happy to be out, they played together beautifully for hours!  I couldn't stop taking pictures of them, they were so adorable!

Angel of course wanted to 'create' things.  She worked on several sand castles, complete with flags, drawbridges, moats, and more!

Grins kept plenty busy, too, hauling buckets of water for his sisters and catching a few waves himself!

When Cole left, Wiggles got to work 'organizing' buckets of sand.  She would fill a bucket full of sand, carry it over to the towel, and set it in a line.  She filled up all of our buckets and sand toys, and then apparently wandered around the beach collecting other buckets, because some perfect strangers came and found their buckets on our towel.  Oops! :)  She kept busy on this project for over an hour!  This girl is a born organizer!

We had a GREAT time, and truly enjoyed every moment!  I feel so blessed having so many beautiful beaches so close!  We are trying to make the most of every day in this wonderful place!


Lazarus said...

How adorable! Love the buckets :). I can just imagine it all :). We definitely need to hit the beach with both of our kids would eat it up and spend hours there, too! We cannot seem to get them away we just need to find an ocean to enjoy together :).

Your kids are so picture perfect! It was fun to see them doing their own things. I hope you guys get some more time together like this again soon...

Jessica Reeves said...

This was such a fun day!! I miss the beach so much!