Sunday, May 06, 2012

Angel's School Play

Angel's class at school has been studying penguins for the past several weeks.  Recently, they (along with the other First/Second grade classes), put on a little 'show' to display what they had learned.  It was adorable and a lot of fun to watch! (And, from the looks on their faces, a lot of fun to perform, as well!)  My camera was having problems focusing / dying battery / etc. so I got some very poor quality shots, but they're better than nothing. :)  The pictures make very little sense out of context of the performance, but the actor who put the performance together was very creative, and did a beautiful job putting to life all the various facts they'd learned!

Angel had 3 'roles' in the performance.  Role number 1: The Flag (her friend 'raised' her, and she then 'flapped in the breeze')

Role Number 2: Computer Screen - She held up her arms in a screen-like fashion and made 'screen pictures' with her face while a classmate 'typed' on her knees.

Role Number 3: Papa Penguin - She 'sat' on her 'eggs' (some friends) and fought off the squa (a predator bird).

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