Sunday, May 06, 2012

Biking the Back Cove

The Mr. actually got a day off (the first day off in a month!), and it just so happened to be beautiful and sunny, so we decided to go on a bike ride around the back cove (about 3 1/2 miles around).  

Check out the gorgeous view!  We are loving where we live!!

Halfway through our ride around the back cove, we decided to turn off onto the Eastern Promenade, which we rode down to get to the Est End beach.  (more on that later.)  So, by the time we got back on the path, we had already gone a few miles, and needed a little break.  Grins couldn't comfortably reach the drinking fountain, so he got creative.

We sat, ate a picnic lunch, and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Wiggles was tired - riding in that trailer can be hard work! :)

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