Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Wiggles!

Dear Wiggles,

Happy Birthday, my little firecracker!  Has it really been 3 years?  You seem to grow fastest of all of my children.  And yet, I can't even remember my life before you!  You've always been there - in my arms, or on my hip.  Practically inseparable, you and I!

You are one of life's greatest pleasures.  You are the happiest happiness I've ever known.  The loudest laugh, the biggest smile, the tightest hug, the shrillest shriek of delight.  You live life to it's fullest - there is no 'middle of the road' with you.  You are either on top of the world....or you are most certainly not.  Fortunately, though, you are mostly on top! :)

You are very social.  You've had somewhat of a difficult time with Grins and Angel both going to school, because you crave the play time and constant interactions you have when they are home.  Lately, you are getting very good at playing independently while I work around the house (cleaning, cooking, etc.).  I wondered what helped you progress to an independent player, until one day, you clued me into your secret.  I said, "Wiggles, it's time to get in the car! We need to go shopping!"  You were in your room playing with your dollhouse and said, "OK!  I'm coming!  I just need to get my friends!"  You then emerged from the room with your arms full of stuffed animals, dollhouse dolls, and your little caterpillar toy.  You said, "Can you please help me carry my friends to the car?"  I responded, "No, sweetheart, we can't bring all those toys with us.  Toys need to stay home."  To which you insisted, "These aren't toys! They are my friends! They have to come with me or they'll get lonely and I'll get lonely!"  I finally realized that, since you no longer have your best friend Grins around, you had developed friendships with your toys.  I must admit, it made me a little sad, realizing you were having to resort to inanimate objects...but I was also very pleased with your imagination and inventiveness! (is that a word?)  So, I agreed to let you take one 'friend' with you.  The decision of whom to take was easy for you.  You instantly said, "OK I'll take Elmo."  I didn't see any Elmos in your arms (the red, furry monster), but you explained that your plastic toy caterpillar's name was Elmo.  You brought him along, and since then, he's been your best friend.  You take him everywhere (except church), and even sleep with him!  It's comical really, since he's not snuggly at all, but you love him, and that's what matters.  When you love, you love with all of your heart.  As I said, you don't do anything part way!

Lately you've been having a hard time listening or obeying.  And you've been talking NONSTOP.  I mean, literally, chatting for hours on end, quiet only when you are eating or sleeping.   I was becoming incredibly frustrated with your seeming rebellion and was at my wit's end.  Until one day, when we were reading scriptures during our morning devotional.  Usually, for your turn reading a verse, I read a sentence and you repeat it after me.  On this particular morning, however, you were having a difficult time repeating me.  You kept asking "What?" or repeating nonsensical words - which is very unlike you, since you can usually pronounce even long and difficult words with ease.  I finally realized that you were not hearing me.  I began talking much louder and, lo and behold, you began listening and obeying immediately!!!  It was amazing the difference that it made, and I felt horrible for having been frustrated at your seeming disobedience, when really, you simply couldn't hear!  It has truly made me appreciate what a sweet girl you are!  I'm hoping the hearing loss is simply due to your congestion (you've had an upper respiratory infection for quite a while!)  But if the hearing deficit persists we will pursue other causes.  In the meantime, though, speaking clearly has made all the difference.

You are so loving.  You are constantly asking, "Are you happy?" or "Are you nice?"  You are our little happiness guru and it is wonderful.  You truly are our family's, and my own, little ray of hope and sunshine.  How did we ever get along without you, my love?  You are Heaven on earth.

Thank you for letting me be your Mommy.  I consider it the greatest honor and privilege I could imagine.  I cherish and love you more than you'll ever know.  I love you, Wiggles!


Wiggles, 3 hours old
Wiggles, 1 week old

Wiggles, 1 year old

Wiggles, 2 years old

Wiggles, 3 years old.  She put 3 pairs of pajamas on and then said, "Look at me! I'm fat!"
I just realized while posting this that I don't have one single picture of Wiggles on her 3rd birthday. :( :( :(  It was either due to a camera malfunction or my brain malfunction (I took my national recertification exam 2 days after her birthday, so I was slightly preoccupied!)....but fortunately, it was a very happy day and she was a very happy three year old.  I'll make up for the lack of photos at Christmas time! :)

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