Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Point Lookout

Last month, the Mr. had an ACP (American College of Physicians) Conference up in Northport, Maine, at the Point Lookout Resort.  Not wanting to give up his rare and precious weekend with the family, he opted not to go....until he noticed that they actually had family activities planned on the itinerary!  The ACP (Maine chapter, at least), has figured out that the best way to ensure high attendance is to include families....and it worked for us!  So, we booked a cottage (courtesy of the ACP), and we were off....

(NOTE: Please forgive the yucky cell phone photos.  Although I packed the camera - and new batteries- it still refused to work.  Thank goodness for my cell phone or we would have been completely out of luck!)

A view of our cottage (and the beautiful New England fall colors!)

A couple of views of the resort:

The first night, we went bowling.  I think it's been at least a year since the last time we went - and the kids were in heaven!

 I love how her little hand is still stiff even after rolling the she watches with eager anticipation!

Trying to figure out who won...

The final scores! (In case you're wondering, the 3rd one (2nd "M") is Mommy!!!  Just in case you were wondering....)

Then a little foosball...

The next day started out rainy, so we hit the 'rec' center for some pool and table tennis.

Wiggles was not really "into" the games - so she decided to fill up a cup of water for everyone in the family.  And then 10 more.  And then 8 more.  I can't find the picture to prove it, but she had a line of 23 cups, all of which she had filled to the brim.  Good thing we had worked up a sweat during our energetic games of table tennis!

Of course, once the kids (and the Mr.) realized there was an entire ROOM devoted to a Wii game (!), they didn't want to do anything else.....

When the rain and clouds finally lifted, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we decided to hike up the mountain to the summit.  A long hike, but definitely worth it!  The pictures don't do it justice, of course! (What do you expect from a cell phone?)

It was a short and simple getaway - but having the Mr. there was vacation enough for all of us!  It just doesn't get any better! :)

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Jessica Reeves said...

Looks SO fun and beautiful! I'm glad you guys had fun!