Sunday, November 06, 2011

Angel's First Day of School

How has my little Angel grown into a first grader already?!  Time seems to speed more quickly with each passing day!

Angel was SO excited to start school this year!  She enjoyed getting her hair cut, shopping for some new school clothes, and was so excited to meet her teacher and new friends!

First day of school:
 (For some reason, she wanted me to take a 'back' shot....)

It was a rainy morning - so everyone was crammed inside.  But Angel paused for a quick photo shoot!

In front of her classroom:

Sitting at her desk:

And, after we dropped her off, I looked to see how she was adjusting....and she didn't even look back!

Finding her way through the crowd, after school:

When I asked how her first day of school went, she said "Great!  I made 5 new friends! And my teacher is really nice!  It's going to be a great year!"

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