Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Pictures

I am lucky enough to know one of the most amazing photographers EVER!  She did an incredible job on our family pictures this year!  I wanted to capture our family in the beautiful New England fall colors - and she did just that!  I can't decide on a here are a few of my top choices!  (Oh, and just so you know - Wiggles had an ear infection that day {we didn't know it at the time} so she was not very smiley or cooperative...usually she is full of smiles!)  I posted the color ones so you can see the fall colors, but the black and white ones are incredible too!

Isn't this the most precious little girl you've ever laid eyes on?

Jessica, thanks for all of your great work!!!  And Maine (and Utah) friends, if you want me to hook you up with her awesome photography skills, let me know!  She does amazing work! :)

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The Stimpson Family said...

JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!! How fun!! Jessica sure does do a fabulous job! You look gorgeous and your family is adorable! I miss you guys lots!!