Sunday, November 06, 2011

Apple Picking

Apparently, you haven't truly experienced a New England autumn until you've gone apple picking!  So, the kids and I decided to give it a try one weekend (while the Mr. was at work)!  It was definitely a hit, and probably the start of an annual tradition (while we are in Maine, at least!)  Hopefully the Mr. will be able to join us next time! 

Grins thought the 'apple picker' was the perfect little home for puppy!

Wiggles was ready to go! She insisted on pulling the apple cart that weighed at least twice as much as she did!

Please forgive the millions of pictures of the orchard - it was just so beautiful, I kept snapping photos!
And, we're off to find some apples!

Angel is smelling to make sure they are good!

 Why bother with smelling when you can taste it?  There was a sign that said "If you taste, don't waste!"  So Grins went to town making sure nothing was wasted! :)

 Angel loved picking apples so much - I think she got 20 in the first minute that we were there!  I had to tell her to stop- I didn't think we would be able to eat as many apples as she was picking!  Next year, I'm going to plan ahead and be prepared to make applesauce - then I'll let the kids pick to their little hearts' content! :)
 Hanging out in the orchard!
 And, of course, if Grins is around, "hanging out" will invariably turn to wrestling!

 And, if Angel is around, wrestling will turn into hugs and kisses!

This is such a sad picture of Wiggles - apparently she is needing to go to the bathroom - but I love how it captures each of my children so perfectly!  Grins off in the background, playing with puppy, Angel smiling for the camera, and Wiggles making sure her needs are known.  I love how each of my children have their own unique personalities!  They are so much fun!!!
 And apparently, now Grins needs to use the bathroom....I think it's hilarious I didn't notice these things while I was taking pictures...

Once we finally got the kids out of the orchard, we went and purchased the apples (and some fresh donuts - YUM!), put our faces in the cutouts, and each picked out a pumpkin!  All in all, a great trip to the Orchard!


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